Winner of VP Debate? The Fly


he clear winner of tonight’s vice presidential debate between Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) and Vice President Mike Pence (R-Trump) is the surprise and unannounced debater, The Fly.

Like millions everywhere, at first I thought that The Fly had somehow gotten into my apartment, living room, or den and had planted itself on my TV screen. I even got up and tried to swat it away before finally realizing that that thing was not on my television but on Pence’s head.

The Fly made her appearance near the end of the scheduled debate between the two principals when they finally got around to discussing the issue of “race” in these United States. (I’m assuming The Fly was female because she appeared to be searching Pence’s lily-white head for a soft and especially fragrant place to deposit her eggs).

Throughout The Fly’s furtive, sometimes stationary, course through and over and upon Pence’s follicles, he himself was completely oblivious to the jet-black spot moving around his scalp. At one point, The Fly actually took flight from Pence’s hair, and, presumably sought a more palatable hatchery. But, alas, she soon returned and began anew her search for solace.

Pence droned on and on, even moved his head from side to side, grimaced and fake-smiled as he tried to make equally fake Republican/”conservative” talking points about the issue of “race” in America. That is when The Fly appeared to settle in for good.

For her part, Senator Harris tried hard to pretend that she did not see (from just over twelve feet away) what the whole world was seeing. To be fair, she also fake-smiled her way through The Fly’s antics. But, out of a sense of common courtesy, she should have mentioned, or at least gestured from behind the plexiglass barrier separating her from Pence, that there was something crawling around on his head. But she didn’t.

o. Senator Harris seemed content, even thankful, that the barrier was protecting her from other and even more deadly bugs that Pence might have been carrying.

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