Wife of Political ‘Consultant’ Says Rep. Ilhan Omar Stole Her Husband

Tim, Dr. Beth…and The Other Woman, Ilhan. The Dreaded Triangle (Photo Credit: clashdaily.com)

Did the Congresswoman mix the political with the personal?

No, sir. Now, in a staid District of Columbia courtroom, the flesh and blood wife of a high profile, white, Washington political consultant is publicly calling her husband out in divorce papers because he admitted to an affair with and an undying love for Minnesota Democratic US Rep. Ilhan Omar.

Yes. That Ilhan Omar.

However, Beth Mynett is not your ordinary, scorned and betrayed, wilting violet-type, either. She is , after all, the Medical Director of the Washington, D.C. Department of Corrections.

Doctor Mynett has filed for divorce against her husband, Tim Mynett, because, according to court pleadings, last April he made a “devastating and shocking declaration of love” for Rep. Omar. The couple soon separated thereafter.

Dr. Mynett is asking the court for child support, ownership of their Washington home and an equitable division of their assets because, again, according to the pleadings, she is “closer to the end of her professional career” and would be “left to face a financially insecure future as a result of [his] unilateral decision.”

Tim Mynett labors as a partner in a high-powered Dee Cee political consulting firm, the E Street Group. In addition to Rep. Omar and her campaign, E Street lists as top tier clients several current and past even higher profile congressional Democrats, including but not limited to, Wisconsin US Rep. Ron Kind, Oregon US Sen. Jeff Merkley, and former US Rep. Keith Ellison, now Minnesota’s first black Attorney General and the first Muslim in American history elected to Congress.

When asked for comment, Omar’s office and E Street Group pointed fingers at each other. Omar’s people told NBC News to talk to E Street. Completing the circle, E Street Group said in a statement that it “does not comment on the personal life of either our staff or clients.”

Dr. Beth Mynett is 55. Her now estranged husband Tim is 38. The good doctor’s divorce papers further allege that she was caught completely unawares, and thus “devastated by the betrayal and deceit that preceded his abrupt declaration.” Nevertheless, she told him that she not only forgave him, but still “loved him and was willing to fight for the marriage.” He, however, responded that because he was so smitten by Omar, reconciliation “was not an option for him.”

According to the New York Post, which first broke this story, the Mynetts began dating in 2006; married in 2012; and have a 13-year-old son.

Omar, of course, was elected to Congress last year after having served in Minnesota’s state legislature (2016–2019). She is also married — sort of.

Omar first burst upon the national political stage because she was one-half of the first and only two Muslim women ever to grace the halls of Congress.

To date, for those of us on the so-called “Left” (from “progressive” to “radical”), Rep. Omar (37) has been viewed as both a sympathetic and heroic figure. She was born in war-torn Somalia from which she escaped into refugee status, all before making her way to the US at the tender age of twelve years old.

Of course, none of her tragic and triumphant history matter to this country’s rabid, white, rightwing “conservatives.” For the bulk of them, their assessment of Ilhan Omar begins and ends with her principled critique of Israel and her support for the Boycott, Divest and Sanctions Movement.

Her loud and continuing criticism of Donald Trump (including calling for his impeachment), in addition to the fact that she is a Muslim — all of these factors have contributed to her being subjected to constant racist attacks and ongoing death threats.

Oh, and she is also a charter member of the four freshmen Democratic congresswomen of color known as “The Squad,” each of whom pretty much reinforce each other on these and most other issues.

And, of course, Trump himself has responded to Rep. Omar and The Squad in front of cheering, jeering crowds in his own special way, calling for her and them to “go back” to the “shithole” countries they “originally came from.” (It’s worth noting, though, that of the four, Omar is the only one who was not born in the US). Together with fellow Squad member, Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), Omar was recently denied entry into Israel despite her status as a US Congresswoman and specifically because of her support for and affiliation with BDS.

The Personal Versus The Political

As any number of federal, state and/or local pols who have ever been accused, convicted and imprisoned for campaign finance shenanigans can attest, the same rule holds true for them and their campaigns — only perhaps more stringently due to the highly “public” nature of their offices, duties and responsibilities.

In the matter of Rep. Ilhan Omar, federal tax and campaign finance records indicate that her campaign paid Tim Mynett $7,000 in July of last year while at the same time (from 2018 to date), her office paid his firm, E Street Group, approximately $222,000. These payments were listed as covering expenses for fundraising, consulting, travel consulting, and internet advertising, among other services.

Tim Mynett’s LinkedIn profile page states that he has worked at E Street Group for over a year providing “national progressive strategies for candidates, nonprofits, and advocacy efforts.”

What is sure to peak the interest of soon-to-come federal investigators is whether or not Omar’s use of campaign funds to pay her consultant/lover (alleged) violated any campaign finance laws. Stayed tuned.

Ilhan Omar Family. Photo Credit: From Ilhan Omar’s Twitter Page

Then there is the question of this woman’s marital status and why or whether in 2014 she filed a joint federal tax return with her legal husband or was it with someone merely posing as her husband, and with whom she happened to be living because she and her “real” husband were separated at that time. But, it is a matter of public record that she actually paid a $3,500 fine for this “discrepancy” or “technical” violation of the tax law.

Yes. Yes….It’s all very complicated, confusing.

Again…stay tuned.










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