Why the White Right Loves Putin

It has nothing to do with the people of Ukraine, but everything to do with his manly white maleness

Herbert Dyer, Jr.


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Cenk Uygur is boss over at “The Young Turks.” He recently posted a Tweet which drove right-wing “conservatives” right up Trump’s non-existent southern border wall.

Uygur says that the Republican Party, its far-right cable TV mouthpieces, and MAGA-ites generally, have adopted Russian President Vladimir Putin as a stand-in for Donald Trump, while they feverishly work to Jerry-rig the upcoming November midterm elections to retake Congress, and in preparation for Trump’s triumphant return to power in 2024.

Uygur has doubled-down on this assertion in the below video, which expands with exquisite detail exactly why these people are so enamored of Putin.

As most black people have always suspected, white right-wingers love them some Putin, despite (or perhaps because of) his authoritarianism, his disdain for democracy, for gays, his suspected murderous solutions for dissidents and, basically, for anybody and anyone who challenges him for any reason.

Putin’s invasion and rape of Ukraine, for the American white right, is, on the contrary, actually to be admired, and someday emulated within the dark and dangerous “urban” enclaves (aka big black cities) of these United States. Indeed, as the video demonstrates, their own Dear Leader Trump has said so.

America’s right-wing loves Putin because he is a “strong” white male who brooks no dissent (or even discussion) from “minorities,” and who rules his nation as though it was his own personal fiefdom.

But, again, Cenk is virtually the lone media outlet calling out America’s right-wing love of Putin primarily because of his whiteness, and because Putin governs a virtually all-white nation-state — which is something of a fever dream for the overwhelming majority of white right-wingers. Their most important and single-minded goal in this life is to resurrect their fallen leader, Trump, so that he may finish the job and finally, once and for all time, make America white again.

As for Putin’s invasion and rape of Ukraine, these folk agree with Trump and see Putin’s irredentism as just another sign of his manly maleness, of his strength and resolve. Or…at worst, Biden’s “weakness” for letting it happen.



Herbert Dyer, Jr.

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