Trump Social Security Holdover Blocking Stimulus Checks to Retirees and the Disabled

And Biden Can’t Bring Himself to Fire Him


The real problem is not this particular Trump holdover, but a hesitant, too deferential…too cautious president

And then there is the ongoing train-wreck over at the Post Office. It was just a little over a month ago that another Trump appointee, Louis DeJoy, as Postmaster General, literally thumbed his nose at Democratic legislators when they quizzed him about the shenanigans that he and Trump tried to pull in order to stop people from voting by mail in both last November and then this January elections.

As long as Trumpistas are in place, Biden (and this country) will be stymied, if not stopped.

And so, even though he has been summarily kicked out of office; even though he has been banned completely from all social media platforms; even though civil and criminal prosecutoral walls are inexorably closing in on both Trump and his legions of Trumpeteers, his greedy, greasy, and grifting fingers, and more importantly, his malevolent mindset, still fumes and festers on and within everything that he touched (infected) during the course of the last four tortuous years.

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