Trump: ‘Impeachment Would Stain My Resume and Legacy’

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has finally dawned on Donald Trump that the threat of impeachment is not only real but likely, even probable.

According to Axios, Trump has told friends that he is concerned that impeachment will leave a “stain” on his “legacy.” The Axios report refers to a phone call between Trump and House Republicans on Friday, October 4, in which he declared that he does not really want to be impeached. Impeachment, Trump said, is a “bad thing to have on your resume.”

Two people on the call agreed that Trump made the “resume” remark, but one of them characterized Trump’s phrasing as “you don’t want it [impeachment] on your resume.”

Ever the optimist, Trump quickly added, “But it’s going to make Kevin speaker.” That would be the current Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. (You might remember that this is the selfsame Congressman who publicly admitted that the sole and whole purpose of the interminable “Benghazi Hearings” was to make then Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton “look” bad and derail her run for the White House).

These latest Trump comments, like most Trumpian proclamations and declarations, at once demonstrate this man’s proclivity for ambivalence and his practically patented prevarication over whatever issue is at hand; his penchant for, at first, immediate and absolute denial of any adverse effects upon him personally — always personally; and then his eventual surrender, and full embrace of the matter or issue, claiming that it was his idea all along.

For example: Trump would have us believe that he believes that impeachment will help him not just get re-elected but win back Republican control of the House of Representatives.

But, ever the reader of and believer in ratings-polls, he does not believe history will treat his presidency kindly if he joins the ranks of Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton as only the third actually impeached president in the 243-year history of the United States. And, other than actual greenback dollar bills, history (as Trump understands it — again, as revealed by TV ratings and polls) are all that this man really cares about.

But others who have spoken with Trump recently say that he “was not in denial” and has finally come to understand that the House is probably going to impeach him.

In that regard, and always on offense, Trump and the Republican National Committee have recently, reportedly, spent $10 million targeting Democratic Party presidential primary contender Joe Biden and any other Democrats supporting impeachment.

Post-Presidential Jobs for Trump

Trump’s worry over his “legacy” once he leaves office is rather quaint, cute, even mildly amusing. Other than as a “trustee” in a federal joint, what possible “job” is this man qualified for?

Here are some possibilities:

  • Whistle Blower At Large: After his presidency, Trump could start a new career of spilling the beans on the various grifters, con-men and con-women whom he hired. You know, all those guys and gals who viewed and took government service as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to feather their own nests and pad their bank accounts at the expense of and as opposed to bettering the lives of ordinary Americans.
  • Commander In Chief of Naval, Air and Armed Forces of Trump Nation. This not-so-formidable-force would consist entirely of Trump’s very own, very special, very private, and very personal (read, “see no evil, tell no evil”) security platoon, dedicated to his, and only his, physical, psychological, and moral security. Otherwise, Trump Navy, Trump Air, and Trump Army will be composed of an already in-place but loosely organized — yet in desperate need of a real “leader” — national and local right-wing “militia.” This last grouping are those truly committed souls, you know, the ones who will proffer and commit their own personal boats, skiffs, yachts, cars, truck, motor homes, recreational vehicles, planes, choppers, drones, their vast and assorted weaponry — whatever they’ve got — to Trump Nation. These are those armed and ready and dedicated men (and not a few women) — dedicated to preserving the “legacy” of their defeated or deposed or resigned or impeached, or convicted and/or removed from office, and yes, imprisoned (but “the South Will Rise Again”) Dear Leader.
  • President of the New and Improved (accreditation pending) Trump University. Donald Trump could revise yet another iteration of his defunct (by court order) “Trump University,” featuring as its logo, crest and motto the Latin phrase once suggested by the late, great newspaper columnist Mike Royko for the City of Chicago: “Ubi Est Mea?” (or, “Where’s Mine?”).
  • President, CEO and (of course) CFO of Trump TV. This is actually the job Trump had in mind when he ran for president back in ’16. Recall that he was as surprised as everybody else that he actually had won the presidency — thanks to the Electoral College . Indeed, after his expected loss, he had already in place, solidified plans to launch his own cable television channel. His plan was to use Trump TV to burnish his “brand,” of course, and to promote his grand conspiracy theories about why and how the election had been “rigged” against him from the start; and to finally “prove” that Barack Obama had been a Manchurian Candidate and Muslim-loving, Kenyan-born president all along.
  • Civil and Human Rights Leader. To prove once and for all time that he really is “the least racist person” anyone has ever known, Trump may apply for the presidency of the NAACP. But! He fears that the stain of impeachment will cause black people to look askance at his application.
  • Donald Trump on Mount Rushmore. This is not an actual job, per se. But having his visage on that iconic mountainside would cement Trump’s legacy in American history as the president who really did “Make America Great Again.”

These are just a few of the many, indeed limitless, possible “jobs” Donald Trump is qualified and could apply for after he leaves office — however he leaves office. He does not want impeachment to stand in the way of any of them. His “resume” must, therefore, be free of the “stain of impeachment.”

But, again, impeachment is now a real possibility for this man. Can you think of any other jobs suitable for either an impeached or, as Trump hopes, a non-impeached ex-president?

you ponder this question, keep in mind that although he may be well qualified for all or any of them, he must submit to two things that most of us who now who seek employment must undergo: he must pass a required drug test; and of course, he must pass the necessary criminal background check. (None of these positions accept felons).

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