This is the classic “class versus race” argument that lots of white liberals, among others, prefer and preach — starting with Marx himself. “Race,” for them, is never the, or sometimes even an, issue. For them, it’s always “economics” or money or houses or land or clothes or food. That’s how they see and act in the world — strictly in terms of economic/material determinism.

This explains why their spiritual lives are so vacant and vapid and contradictory. Why they can declare that “all men are created equal,” while at the same time holding millions of people as slaves — because it’s “profitable.”

Paraphrasing Malcolm here: “Negroes” are not and have never been hated and discriminated against by so-called “white” people because they are poor, or rich, or educated or uneducated, or Christian or Muslim, or light skinned or dark skinned….or tall or short…but because they are not “white.” Or, in today’s parlance, “black” or “African American” or, just plain “other.”

What these supporters, believers, adherents and proponents of the class theory of racism refuse to acknowledge is that in this society (and all Euro-centric societies) racism, white supremacy/white racism are inextricably entwined and inseparable…unless and until you get to the root of the problem — so-called white people (the vast, vast majority of them) refuse to accept that black people are human beings.

Denial is still only a river.

But white supremacy is the “real-est” thing about this country, this nation-state.

Don’t get me started.

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