These are the same Cubans and their descendants who "fled" Cuba in 1959 when Castro overthrew the American-backed white supremacist Batista regime. I put "fled" in quotes because these people are basically "white" Cubans who constituted the tiny upper class, and who, until Castro kicked them out, treated black and brown Cubans in the same manner as Southern whites in Florida and throughout the south did ever since the Columbus Clan first stumbled upon the island in 1492-93 — and promptly proceeded to enslave (and eventually wipe out) the entire native Taino “Indian” population.

This upper crust of white Cubans always (since '59) enjoyed a favored status among good ole southern ("American") white people. That explains Marco Rubio and his ilk and why it's damn near impossible to elect Democrats statewide or to national office in Florida.

The "socialism" that today's Florida Cubans so disingenuously fear is actually the fear that they will have to one day treat black and brown people like human beings.

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