Thanks for the thoughtful response.

But….I’ve been writing and publishing since 1966. I won’t give you the whole list, but a few you might recognize are Essence Magazine, Ebony Magazine, Chicago Defender, Michigan Chronicle, Pittsburgh Courier, Indianapolis Recorder, Emerge Magazine, Black Scholar Magazine, etc., etc.

I have never really tried to publish in any of the so-called “mainstream” pubs because I already know they are not ready for me. When the Internet came along, many of us (black “radical” or revolutionary writers and thinkers) considered it a godsend. And for some, it was. As you know, lots of “independent,” progressive-to-radical sites and e-mags, “citizen journalist” efforts, blogs, etc., became available to people like me.

I know there is an audience, a readership here on Medium for me, and I will find it. By the way, my critique of Medium did not include you. There are several authors here whom I read and enjoy regularly. But, again, because of the skewed “curation” process, they are not given the same exposure as those I consider “bland” and/or “safe.”

Finally, I wrote for the now defunct for several years. Made so much money that I quit my full-time job as a paralegal so that I could write full time. Medium has a very similar format…only larger, as far as I can tell.

Watch this space.

Thanks again,



P.S. I taught college-level English composition for ten years.

Freelancer since the earth first began cooling. My beat, justice: racial, social, political, economic and cultural. I’m on FB, Twitter, Link,

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