Repair? You gotta be kidding. This has been the cops’ attitude and approach and m.o. toward “policing” ever since they were first created back during the slave patrols 200 years ago. They are there to “serve and protect” (rich) white people and their property from the rest of us. In the cities, they are an obvious occupying force in black/brown neighborhoods.

Look, way back in ’68 during the MLK riots, Chicago’s mayor Richard J. Daley put it bluntly: “Shoot to kill” looters and rioters. After the fires were quenched, he had a slip of the tongue at a press conference: “The police are not there to create disorder,” sayeth the mayor. “They are there to preserve disorder.”

Freelancer since the earth first began cooling. My beat, justice: racial, social, political, economic and cultural. I’m on FB, Twitter, Link,

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