Philando Castille’s Girlfriend Sues Cop Who Said She’d Spend Settlement on Crack

At Least He Doesn’t Call Her A ‘Welfare Queen’ — Or Does He?

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Diamond Reynolds is the girlfriend of Philando Castile, who in 2016 was shot to death by a former Minnesota county sheriff’s deputy. Castille was driving and she sat next to him in the front seat. Reynolds’ four-year-old daughter was in the back seat of the car. Reynolds live-streamed the devastating, bloody and deadly encounter on Youtube, which immediately went and remains viral across social media.

As the The Star Tribune reported, one year later Tom McBroom, another now former Minnesota county sheriff’s deputy, tweeted this about Reynolds:

She needs to come off County and State Aid now that she has some cash. It’ll be gone in 6 months on crack cocaine.

McBroom was referring to an $800,000 settlement Reynolds reached with the cities of St. Anthony and Roseville (and presumably the county and the cops) for Castile’s death-murder.

After being “demoted” but not fired as a police officer, naturally, McBroom was elected mayor of Elysian, Minnesota in 2018.

Reynolds has now sued McBroom, charging that his tweet was defamatory and racially motivated.

The Defendant was alleging that Plaintiff is an abuser of serious drugs, has an addiction that causes her financial stress, and is someone who bases her entire existence in terms of her costs of daily living on support from municipalities and other State of Minnesota entities, the suit said.

When McBroom was asked why he assumed Reynolds was a drug user, he doubled down with a one-word response: “History.”

McBroom has not apologized to Reynolds nor withdrawn his racist accusations about her. Instead, he has attempted to defend himself and his sentiments. He argues that his tweet was taken out of context and misinterpreted. The “History” remark, he says, was in fact directed not at Reynolds, but to the many people who often squander government settlements in an alcohol- and/or druged-fueled haze.

Again, after his insensitive tweet, McBroom was demoted but not fired, for unspecified “misconduct.” Still, even later, McBroom was gifted a $48,000 “golden parachute” by the city and county, and then finally left the department under his own steam.

McBroom’s boss, County Sheriff Troy Dunn, did get around to disavowing McBroom’s comments, though — but still without making any direct reference to Diamond Reynolds’ and her daughter’s heart-rending and fatal ordeal at the hands of one of his officers:

His comments were not the beliefs of our agency, and we’re trying to move forward in a positive manner. I hope that [the public] just trusts that we’re in this to do the right thing and that we’re trying to provide great training and great people to do a job here.

Reynolds’ suit against McBroom further alleges that his comments caused her “pain, emotional distress and damage to her reputation.” And that, “The conduct of the Defendant delineated herein was intentional and constitutes intentional infliction of emotional distress …”

Reynolds is demanding the boilerplate civil lawsuit opening sum in damages of at least $50,000 and attorney’s fees.


Notice that at no point in McBroom’s tweets did he express even the slightest concern, let alone condolences, to Diamond Reynolds for the public lynching of her boyfriend by one of McBroom’s fellow officers.

And, as for Sheriff Dunn’s statement: “I hope that [the public] just trusts that we’re in this to do the right thing and that we’re trying to provide great training and great people to do a job here,” how much “great training” of “great people” does it take to “train” cops not to kill people who represent no threat to them or anyone else? Why do these “great people” even need to be “trained” in this simple, commonsense approach to “policing” in the first place?

It is because such killings are to be expected because…well…black people.

Here in Chicago, for example, cops almost never shoot and kill unarmed, innocent white people on the North and Northwest sides of town where the bulk of white Chicago resides. Yet, on Chicago’s black South and West sides, such shootings are practically taken for granted and are a matter of course. That’s why every single “encounter” with every single cop in black Chicago is always fraught with the possibility, even probability, that, if black, you have, at best, a fifty-fifty chance of surviving that encounter.

As to our intrepid former Minnesota cop, now mayor, and far too many other unreconstructed white people, this “shoot first and ask questions later” mentality is also routine when they “ encounter” black people. His and their blatant and not-so-blatant racism reveals a 21st century iteration of a centuries-old, tired yet solid wall of disdain, hatred and malice. They remain steadfast in a sometimes casual, but often an unyielding, active and absolute refusal to simply see black people as fellow human beings.

And, that is why a man like this — yet another “law enforcement” type — can essentially praise the lynching of yet another black person, and suffer no negative consequences. On the contrary, he leaves the appointed position as police officer and goes on to become an all-white city’s most powerful elected leader.

As mayor, McBroom is now positioned to act out, to execute and to actualize his now obvious, open and deeply racist id. Moreso than any police officer, as mayor he is authorized now to enact policies that will shore up and maintain and enhance his white supremacist ethic. As mayor, he can no longer be demoted, let alone fired, and is unlikely to ever be criminally or civilly charged for his racist proclivities.

As for his “views” about Diamond Reynolds’ alleged drug use and mishandling of “government” monies, this, too, feeds into that same old, tired, never-ending and virulent trope about black people, especially black women, as “Welfare Queens,” drug and alcohol addled “baby-making machines” — all paid for by good and honest, and above all, “hard working” American (read: white) taxpayers.

It must finally be admitted that this is what the great bulk of white people think of black people. Although this sentiment is, again, nothing new, it is the Trump regime which has, of late, provided license for them to say and do these kinds of things out loud and in public — and expect to be and actually are rewarded for it.

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