Perfect Example of ‘Two-Tiered Criminal Justice System’

The only jailed Trump Defendant is Black

Herbert Dyer, Jr.
5 min readAug 25


Harrison Floyd mugshot released by Fulton County Sheriff’s Office.

Harrison Floyd is a founder of something called “Black Voices for Trump.” Last week, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, per a Grand Jury, indicted Floyd among eighteen others, including Trump, in the Georgia election fraud, yes fraud, case.

However, Floyd was arrested earlier this year for allegedly assaulting an FBI agent while being served with a subpoena in Trump’s earlier federal election fraud case.

Pursuant to DA Willis’ order two weeks ago that all defendants surrender by 12:00 noon tomorrow, Floyd appeared on foot just outside Atlanta’s Fulton County jail Thursday. At this writing, Floyd is the sole (soul?) defendant to do so before negotiating bail in advance.

The Fulton County Sheriff’s office confirmed that Floyd is being detained because he has no prior bond agreement — or cash in hand. (And, ominously, the FBI has put a hold on his release for his “activities” as described below).

Again, most of the other eighteen co-defendants have reached bail-bond arrangements with District Attorney Fani Willis’ office, allowing them to be released pre-trial under very certain and very specific conditions.

Obviously upset and outraged at his “situation,” Floyd interrupted a Newsmax live broadcast as he sauntered up to the jail house gate. He stopped and told the TV cameras that, “My name is Harrison Floyd and the district attorney wants me to talk to her, but she doesn’t want to call me.” He was then interrupted — mid-rant — by Fulton County Sheriff’s Deputies and unceremoniously “ushered” the rest of the way into the waiting arms of one of the most infamous and dangerous county jail houses in the United States of America.

According to The Washington Post, last February, Floyd was arrested at his Rockville, Maryland home for allegedly assaulting an FBI agent as he attempted to serve him with a grand jury subpoena in the above-mentioned case. Rockville is a leafy, middle-class suburb located just outside Dee Cee. According to the accompanying affidavit in support of that subpoena, Floyd screamed profanities through his closed door. After the agents slipped the subpoena under Floyd’s apartment door, they…



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