Not until "white" people face the true and unadulterated history of this country will anything really change. The great bulk of them have imbibed so deeply in the mythology of "rugged individualism," "hard work," and of course, the world's most rapacious version of capitalism that they are simply unable to see that most of the world's problems today are a result of their ceaseless quest for "profit" and just plain greed.

No? Ask almost any so-called "white" person to explain/justify the theft of this land from its original owners. And then see if they can rationalize the kidnapping and enslavement of millions upon millions of Africans, forcing them to develop that selfsame stolen property. And, then, of course, exploit, segregate, discriminate, lynch, rob and deny those same people their simple humanity right up until this morning.

White Americans' penchant for "Denial" runs much, much deeper than that famous river in Egypt.

Freelancer since the earth first began cooling. My beat, justice: racial, social, political, economic and cultural. I’m on FB, Twitter, Link,

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