Non-Indictment in Breonna Taylor Case Settles It: Black Lives Do Not Matter

The Grand Jury Couldn’t Even Bring Itself To Say Her Name

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron, Described as a “Breakout Star” at Republican National Convention. Image: @CNNPolitic

What Black People Must Do Now

For black people, this non-decision by yet another black collaborator with white supremacy marks yet another grim and dispiriting flashpoint in our 401-year-long sojourn upon this stolen land.

UPDATE (5:00 a.m. Chicago Time, 9/24/20)

Turns out that a number of legal eagles, particularly in Kentucky, are speculating that the reason no other cops were even charged in Sistah Breonna’s murder is because our intrepid black AG Danny Cameron probably did not even present a case against them to the Grand Jury, thus voiding any possibility that they could even be charged with anything at all.

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