Non-Indictment in Breonna Taylor Case Settles It: Black Lives Do Not Matter

The Grand Jury Couldn’t Even Bring Itself To Say Her Name

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Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron, Described as a “Breakout Star” at Republican National Convention. Image: @CNNPolitic

The indictment of only one of the five white cops directly involved in the murder of black Louisville, Kentucky emergency medical technician Breonna Taylor in her own home almost six months ago proves, once again and perhaps most emphatically, that this society still considers black people as less than fully human. This grand jury’s non-indictment has come down to us at the obvious urging of Kentucky’s Republican so-called “black” attorney general and signals that no matter what or how or when black people say or do in protests, in “riots”, revolt or revolution; no matter how “respectably” we may present ourselves; no matter what our income, wealth or “social class” status may or may not be — black life in this country simply does not matter.

As I and many others have regularly observed, police in this country (21st Century Slave Patrollers) are deliberately, consciously, and by design, tasked with the coercive and violent “social control” of this nation-state’s forty-five million black people. That is their principal and primary Job One, their raison d ‘etre, and no amount of “reform” or “training” will or can change this dynamic. Cops do not need to be reformed or trained to not stomp, beat, choke-out, false-arrest, lie on, curse-out, brutalize, shoot and/or kill unarmed white people under most circumstances, and certainly not in their own damn homes in the middle of the night.

And so, by this late date, by now, there should be no surprise or shock at Kentucky’s inaction here; that is, no surprise or shock for anyone who has been paying attention since, oh…say, 1619. Yes, for black people everywhere, the trick has always been to try everything you can to get through each encounter with the police, no matter how trivial the surface issue may be, still alive and still breathing.

That is to say, that this is who “the police” are and always have been. This is what cops do regularly, routinely to black people. This is who and what they represent, whom they work for and are paid by: These people? Basically, rich white men, their families and their property.

Especially their property.

I will let retired Los Angeles Police Department Sergeant Cheryl Dorsey handle the particulars of the “incident” which resulted in Sistah Breonna’s untimely death:


As Sergeant Dorsey explains, when the white “powers that be” in the city of Louisville and the state of Kentucky “scratched out that $12 million check” to Breonna Taylor’s family in the civil case against the cops and the city in order to avoid an even larger financial hit, “it was a wrap.” It was right then and right there, she argues, that the decision was made to not charge these cops (or the system in which they work) with any serious crime against this black woman.

Indeed, the two cops who, according to the putatively “black” Republican AG, “just happened” to accompany the lead race soldier who “wantonly” fired shots into the adjacent apartment (where no-one was injured) were completely, totally “justified” in doing so. But their wild (but not wanton) shots into and throughout Breonna Taylor’s crib, indeed, into her black body were, somehow, again, “justified.”

Amazingly, Sistah Breonna’s name is not even mentioned, even in passing, in the so-called indictment. It appears, therefore, that she just happened to be “in the wrong place at the wrong time.” That would be…, one more time, her own apartment. Her death was caused by, attributed to…what? To whom?

Of course, the white right, led by Donald Trump, is turning black-flips in celebration of this “victory.” They are particularly enamored with the, again so-called “black” Kentucky Attorney General, Daniel Cameron. He may generously be described as the white right’s latest, shiniest, domesticated “Pet Negro,” or if that is too harsh, how about their “Token Negro” — propped up and presented to provide a “not racist” veneer to the GOP’s otherwise and always deeply racist ethos, ethic and history. This “black conservative” spoke glowingly of Trump, and burnished his own “conservative” and GOP bona fides at the recent Republican National Convention.

As a black man pulled over by the side of the road late some night or early one morning, this Attorney General Danny Cameron may come to discover and realize that his high status will not protect him against the perfidies of these selfsame cops whom he has so ardently protected with this non-decision.

What Black People Must Do Now

For black people, this non-decision by yet another black collaborator with white supremacy marks yet another grim and dispiriting flashpoint in our 401-year-long sojourn upon this stolen land.

Sure, one “officer” will be “tried” for “wanton disregard of human life.” He was early on fired, but…wait for it…once a “jury of his peers” exonerates him at trial, he will most certainly be back on the “job” with full benefits, perhaps even a sizeable bonus…and back pay. (If not with the Louisville Police Gang, then with some other like-minded official criminal organization within the state of Kentucky or elsewhere). And he will not have spent even one night in jail.

Still, black people must not, cannot, turn to violence. Trump and his gang are chomping at the bit in hopes that that is exactly what we will do so that he may trumpet his favorite talking point about the “pathology” of black people as a whole and that we “deserve” whatever the cops dish out.

Our next riot must be at the voting polls. We must vote out of office every single Republican from every single office they now hold, beginning with the entire Trump regime and extending right straight down to your local dog catcher.

We may then bring the appropriate “pressure” upon all of those heretofore wishy-washy, compromising, racist-light Democrats who claim (but rarely produce) any so-called “progressive” or reformative or transformative policies and practices.

UPDATE (5:00 a.m. Chicago Time, 9/24/20)

Turns out that a number of legal eagles, particularly in Kentucky, are speculating that the reason no other cops were even charged in Sistah Breonna’s murder is because our intrepid black AG Danny Cameron probably did not even present a case against them to the Grand Jury, thus voiding any possibility that they could even be charged with anything at all.

As Sgt. Dorsey says, “all skinfolk ain’t kinfolk.”

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