Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse & Donald Duck Accuse Tourists of Sexual Harassment

Has the Magic disappeared from the Magic Kingdom?

Image Credit: https://images.search.yahoo.com/search/images?p=Mickey+Mouse%2C+Minnie+Mouse%2C+Donald+duck+pictures&fr=tightropetb&imgurl=http

Mickey and the Hard Hitting Grandma

Indeed, the woman who sports the “Mickey Mouse” costume and plays the popular fictional rodent was actually hospitalized with neck injuries caused by an apparently over zealous and doting grandmother who persisted in excessively patting the giant mouse’s furry head.

Molesting Minnie Mouse (Say It Ain’t So!)

Coincidentally, on the very same day as the Mickey Maneuver, the also 36-year-old woman who portrays Minnie Mouse posed for pictures with a married Minnesota couple. As Minnie hugged the husband-tourist, he vigorously groped and fondled her breasts, not once, but three times. That is according to the sheriff’s incident report.

Donald Duck and the Kissing Bandit

Sheriff’s deputies responded to a call about an unruly guest who was also mistreating the Donald Duck character at the Animal Kingdom restaurant.

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