Massachusetts High School Football Coach Fired for Objecting to Black Lives Matter Curriculum

Herbert Dyer, Jr.
7 min readFeb 19, 2021
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A Massachusetts high school football coach has recently filed a lawsuit claiming that he was fired because of his objections to his seventh-grade daughter’s school’s “politically charged curriculum.”

The New Boston Post provides the blow-by-blow:

A high school football coach fired after raising objections to pro-Black Lives Matter material in his daughter’s seventh-grade history class has sued school officials in Dedham, claiming they violated his First Amendment right to free speech. Dave Flynn, who had served as head football coach at Dedham High School since 2011, was informed he would not be reappointed as coach on January 20, about three months after he raised objections about the class, the Post reported.

For its part, the school district explained its firing of the coach in a memo to all “football families” issued on the same day as the firing:

We met with Mr. Flynn today because he has expressed significant philosophical differences with the direction, goals and values of this school district.

And, said the district, those “philosophical differences” caused it to seek “different leadership for the program at this time.”

A Local TV station, WCVB-Boston, got hold of the memo, and pointed out that the head coaching job is a year-to-year appointment, and that the district was under no obligation to renew his contract for 2021.

Coach David Flynn is apparently a very popular figure on the school’s campus. Indeed, a number of students staged street demonstrations in protest of his termination.

But not just students support Coach Flynn. “Many in the community continued to show support for Flynn as the week unfolded,” reports the Dedham Times.

The controversy goes beyond athletics, into the fundamentals of race relations and public schooling. David Flynn and his wife Ann are the parents of two children in this district. Concerns they evidently expressed about the instruction being offered to their seventh-grade daughter may be a relevant factor in the non-reappointment. Questions remain about what was expressed, how, to whom, when, what the response of Dedham Middle



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