Love your historical analysis.

“Impartial justice,” “All Men Are Created Equal,” “Fairness,” “One Man One Vote,” “Democracy,” “Colorblindness,” “Equal Justice Under The Law,” — these, and more, are all words and phrases we learn to mouth as school children. But, in reality, in the real world down here on the ground where we all live, these are just that — nothing more than words on paper. And that paper is ignored or shredded each and every time those words have ever conflicted with or threatened even in the slightest way the maintenance, the furtherance white power, white racism, white supremacy — whiteness — in this nation-state.

Let me tell you a little story:

Back in 1999, the Chicago Tribune discovered and reported that there was a large group of white Cook County (Chicago) prosecutors who played a little game in court every day. After every single black criminal defendant was convicted, they would make him/her stand on a scale to be weighed.

At the end of the week, the prosecutor who had convicted the most number of defendants — by weight — would win a free dinner and show at one of downtown Chicago’s fanciest hotels.

They called the game, “Niggers By The Pound.”

Excellent piece/analysis.

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