I’ve read some pretty detailed accounts about these farms. You’re right about the anonymity of the process (bags over heads of both the rapist and raped). This is where the word “motherfucker” comes from, because sons sometimes (knowingly or unknowingly) were forced to rape their mothers.

Black females were raped and impregnated from their very first menstrual cycle until their last. Most such “farms” required the women to produce from 20 to 30 children over the course of their lives, with the promise of “freedom” if successful.

During Negro/slave “auctions,” both sexes were examined and rated and scored for their sexual prowess potential — by both white men and white women.

White male homosexual slave owners often bought black males for the specific purpose of raping them (in addition to ringing as much profit from them by forcing them to work as well). Likewise, of course, with male heterosexual slave owners who raped black women regularly, routinely. Black women were often provided to white male visitors and guests of the “plantation” just as hotels today provide room service. (See Thomas Jefferson/Sally Hemmings). Oh, and it was not uncommon for white females (hetero- or homosexual) to buy slaves (male and female) for the same reason(s).

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