It's more...deeper than..."emotional" intelligence. Their inability to live peacefully with "other" people is deeply rooted in a fear of "genetic annihilation," as the late Dr. Frances Cress Welsing used to argue. That is, these people (so-called "white" people) understand that the vast majority of this world is composed of "people of color;" and that if there ever is true "co-habitation," "race-mixing," or (I hate this word) "miscegenation," that they will -- sooner rather than later -- disappear. That is, true "integration" means that there will eventually be no more so-called "white" people.

As Dr. Welsing said, the gene for skin color and the protein which expresses it (melanin) is dominate; while the gene for color-less-ness is recessive.

Well done, as usual.

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