Husband of LA District Attorney Points Gun at Black Lives Matter Activists, Threatens to Shoot

L.A. Mayor Garcetti, Amy Elaine Wakeland, County District Attorney Jackie Lacey and husband David Lacey. Image Credit: and

avid Lacey is the husband of Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey. On Monday, March 2, 2020, a video clip shows him pointing a gun at Black Lives Matter LA co-founder Melina Abdullah. Abdullah and other activists appeared at Lacey’s home at about 5:40 a.m. California Time in an attempt to request a community meeting with the DA.

For the past two years, Black Lives Matter activists have sought to meet with Lacey in order to discuss her office’s failure to prosecute cops who kill civilians. Indeed, Lacey has been in office since 2012, during which time 500 people have been killed by law enforcement officers. Lacey has prosecuted only one case.

On Monday BLM activists set up chairs outside Lacey’s home and Abdullah and two other people rang the doorbell to again request a meeting. This request carried considerably more urgency than those in the past due to Tuesday’s (tomorrow’s) primary election in which Jackie Lacey is up for re-election.

The Lacey house was equipped with a Ring camera, which enabled people inside to see who was at the door. Abdullah says that she thought she heard a gun being cocked inside the home, but dismissed that thought as paranoia.

Then David Lacey, the district attorney’s husband, swung open the door with a handgun in his right hand pointed at Abdullah. He ordered her to leave.

The video Abdullah posted on Twitter documenting this “event” may be viewed here.

David Lacey. Image Credit:

After David Lacey retreated back into his home, the activists remained outside Lacey’s home for another two hours. They made speeches and chanted, “Jackie Lacey must go!” Or, “Jackie Lacey will go!”

Cops finally showed up, and cleared a path through the demonstrators and escorted Jackie Lacey out.

Kate Chatfield is the senior advisor for the Justice Collaborative for legislation and policy. In an email, Chatfield says that Lacey’s husband may have committed several felonies here, including making a criminal threat and assault with a firearm. She called both charges “serious felonies” or “strikes” under California’s three-strikes law.

When asked if she would file a police report on this matter, Abdullah essentially said such an act would be fruitless and futile because Jackie Lacey “protects the police and the police protect her.”

Lacey, a Democrat, ran unopposed for reelection in 2012. She faces two progressive challengers in Tuesday’s primary: George Gascón, who oversaw major police reforms as district attorney in San Francisco, and Rachel Rossi, a former public defender who also worked on criminal justice reform legislation in Congress.

he two candidates who receive the most votes in Tuesday’s primary will proceed to the general election in November.

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