Breaking: First Guilty Plea in Georgia Election Fraud Case

How many more dominoes will fall?

Herbert Dyer, Jr.


Image: Scott Hall. Fulton County Sheriff’s Office

Donald Trump’s 2020 election interfering case took yet another blow as one of his co-defendants, bail bondsman Scott Hall, pleaded guilty today (September 29).

Hall wisely negotiated and accepted a plea deal with Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’ office. In exchange for his guilty plea to five misdemeanors, Hall will be placed on five years probation, together with other “conditions”, to wit:

Do you understand that conditions of your probation in this sentence is that you testify truthfully at any further court proceedings to include trials of any co-defendants that is listed on the original indictment in which you were charged? the DA’s office asked Hall in a Friday afternoon hearing before Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee.

Yes, ma’am, he responded.

The five misdemeanor counts — downgraded from the original seven felonies — involve Scott’s participation in a conspiracy to commit intentional interference with the performance of an election.

Interestingly and more specifically, Hall, 59, is a bail bondsman whose original charges alleged breaching of Georgia’s Coffee County voting system in early 2021. Again, he was the first of the 19 defendants in the Donald Trump cabal to surrender last month; and now he may claim “first in class” to agree to turn state’s evidence against Trump and all of his subalterns.

Attorney Michael Popok over at MeidasTouchNetwork breaks it all down:


Well… that didn’t take long.

And…Scott Hall is definitely not going to be the only or last one to “flip” on Trump.

I’ll go out on a limb here and predict that between now and October 23, when the trial is scheduled to begin, any number of Trump’s heretofore closest caballeros will also cave as the reality of likely spending the next few years locked away in an actual state-supported cave finally dawns on them.

Pick your favorite metaphor: Watch for rats sprouting wings and begin flying (rather than scurrying) off the heretofore always leaky and now quickly sinking ship, The S.S. Donald J. Trump;

Or…how about this one? Dominoes will start crashing down to earth so hard as to cause seismic murmurs and tectonic plates to shift under their combined weight.



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