Even the choice of 1776 is…ahem…”problematic”…at least according to historian Gerald Horne. His fascinating study, “The Counter-Revolution of 1776: Slave Resistance and the Origins of the united States of America,” puts to the lie the historical myth that the “founders” sole, or at least main, reason for rebelling and revolting against the Mother Country was to achieve physical and economic “independence” therefrom. Dr. Horne posits that it was precisely because England was making serious noises about abolishing slavery that so irritated our sainted founders to the point of rebellion.

We are taught from birth practically in this country that it was “taxation without representation” that exercised those guys; that the “Boston Tea Party” was a revolutionary act meant to strike the bonds of “slavery” to an un-hearing and ruthless faraway Metropolis. Dr. Horne says that, yes indeed, taxes were highly objected to by the colonists; but not the tea tax. It was England’s proposed high taxes on imported Africans which really got under old Tom’s and George’s and James’ skins.

So, for all of the reasons you’ve laid out, plus Dr. Horne’s amazing thesis, the “1776 Project” might want to re-think and reconsider….and actually learn what really happened in that “revolutionary” year.

Well done.

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