Central Park’s Black Birdwatcher Betrays All Five Centuries of the Black Freedom Struggle

Black Lives Matter is the Last Chance White Americans Have to Get Right with Black People, the World…and with Themselves

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Black ‘Forgiveness’ — White Cooper versus Black Cooper

This test is a simple one because the answer to every question is the same:

Black Resistance

And now we are presented with the reality of the persona, the mindset —indeed, the very idea of the appropriately named Christian Cooper.

Black Betrayal

In each of Dr. Horne’s seminal tomes referred to above, he points out that there have been thousands of known and likely even more unknown/undocumented black slave revolts and rebellions (not to mention surreptitious, undetected, low-grade sabotages, including but not limited to poisonings, arsons, “accidental” injuries and deaths of certain and particular white folks, etc.), beginning from the first moments of the Atlantic Slave Trade.

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