Central Park’s Black Birdwatcher Betrays All Five Centuries of the Black Freedom Struggle

Black Lives Matter is the Last Chance White Americans Have to Get Right with Black People, the World…and with Themselves

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Christian Cooper, the 57-year-old black birdwatcher who filmed white female dog walker Amy Cooper as she tried to sic, not her dog, but the NYPD on him for daring to challenge her refusal to leash the dog — that Christian Cooper has now refused to press charges against her for, among other things, making a false police report.

Christian Cooper explained himself in the New York Times. He allowed that Amy Cooper (no “relation”), 41, has suffered enough since the May incident, in that, so far, she has lost her career, her — presumably — good reputation, and even the damn dog, which unintentionally served as the flashpoint for this whole imbroglio.

“On the one hand, she’s already paid a steep price,” Christian told the Times. “That’s not enough of a deterrent to others?”

Cooper went deeper, though, much deeper:

“Bringing her more misery just seems like piling on. So if the DA feels the need to pursue charges, he should pursue charges. But he can do that without me.

He then declared his philosophical belief that “greater principles” are afoot and at stake in this whole thing.

Assuming that most of us have seen the viral May video that ignited — yet again — another round of national outrage over yet another white woman’s openly racist conduct, I will not, therefore, recount those dirty details here.

Suffice it to say, however, that there is a long, sordid and deadly history of white women playing the classic role of the “damsel in distress,” of making false accusations against black men, and then sitting back and watching in an ultimate act of voyeurism as the designated brother is destroyed by her personal and very often taxpayer-funded, gallant, white male protectors and rescuers.

Amy Cooper is scheduled to be arraigned in October and could face up to a year in prison.


This test is a simple one because the answer to every question is the same:

If the “situation” was reversed — that is, if Christian Cooper had been white and Amy Cooper black, would a white Cooper forgive the black Cooper?

Put another way, would a white Cooper graciously look over, excuse, rationalize, or even consider for the briefest of moments a black Cooper’s…any black Cooper’s, “misery” and “suffering”?

Would a white Cooper defer to philosophical, theoretical, deeply held “greater principles” and then publicly wrestle with them?

Given the long, long history of white-administered terror against black folk, these queries answer themselves, especially when one considers the recent spectacle of the family of police-murdered Botham Jean and the black female judge who presided over that case. That good judge not only allowed the murdered man’s brother to publicly forgive the murderess but then let him actually, passionately, embrace her. To the astonishment of forty-five million black people, and the relief of untold millions of white people, amazingly, she, the judge! herself, performed the selfsame outrageous and unheard of ritual by warmly hugging the killer-cop in open court. And then — again in open court — our forgiving judge presented the convicted murderess with her own personal Bible to comfort her while she served the absolute lightest of possible prison sentences which had just been handed down by this very same judge.

And then, sadly, there are select family members of the martyred Charleston Nine who tearfully, publicly, “forgave” Dylan Roof for his mass murder of their relatives. The irony here is almost too deep to comprehend: The Mother Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church where Roof performed his depraved and cowardly murders is the same church in which black free man Denmark Vesey planned and organized the short-circuited largest slave revolt in American history 198 years ago.

One last question:

How many teary-eyed white families have we witnessed so earnestly, so painfully, so publicly, and so sorrowfully forgive their loved ones’ black murderer?

Black people are the most forgiving people on earth. Concomitantly, save the Native American, black people are the most defeated people on earth.

Black Resistance

And now we are presented with the reality of the persona, the mindset —indeed, the very idea of the appropriately named Christian Cooper.

As well, obviously, Christian Cooper does not know of, or does not recognize, or simply ignores, the tragedy-filled but powerful five-century-long history of black resistance against white supremacy and white racism.

Obviously, Christian Cooper has not read the consummate lawyer/historian, Dr. Gerald Horne’s (University of Houston) meticulous histories of black slave resistance: “The Apocalypse of Settler Colonialism The Roots of Slavery, White Supremacy, and Capitalism in Seventeenth Century North America and the Caribbean” (2018); or his “The Counter-Revolution of 1776 — Slave Resistance and the Origins of the United States of America” (2014).

And I seriously doubt that Christian Cooper is familiar with emerita Professor Nell Painter’s (Princeton University) magisterial “The History of White People” (2010). Dr. Painter dives deep into “white” history, beginning with the ancient Greeks and then, step-by-excruciating-step, chronicles the when, where and the how white people became “white” — and, most especially, why. (It is not a pretty picture or an uplifting story).

It is also highly unlikely that Christian Cooper is familiar with Frederick Douglass’ famous dictum:

“Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never has and it never will!”

And surely Christian Cooper missed Minister Louis Farrakhan’s declaration that the days of forgiving white people for dehumanizing us, for murdering us, are over and done with.

Black Betrayal

In each of Dr. Horne’s seminal tomes referred to above, he points out that there have been thousands of known and likely even more unknown/undocumented black slave revolts and rebellions (not to mention surreptitious, undetected, low-grade sabotages, including but not limited to poisonings, arsons, “accidental” injuries and deaths of certain and particular white folks, etc.), beginning from the first moments of the Atlantic Slave Trade.

Dr. Horne allows, however, that there has only been one successful black slave revolution in which the old order was overturned and replaced: The Haitian Revolution against French colonizers, imperialists, and slavers, beginning in August of 1791 and culminating, finally, in December of 1804.

Why did all of those other uprisings fail? Especially in the many cases where black slaves often seriously, overwhelmingly, outnumbered their white oppressors. Dr. Horne posits that in each and every one of these rebellions/revolts, there was always at least one “good” slave (or after slavery, a “good” Negro) who would “run and tell that.”

Those good slaves and good Negroes were and are nothing more and nothing less than betrayers of their own people, traitors to their own people.

Finally, and more recently, the black people of South Africa (Azania) fought tooth and nail against their white, Dutch oppressors from 1647, when their ship foundered off the Cape of Good Hope, right up until 1994, when black South Africa finally elected its first black president, Nelson Mandela.

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