Black people get this "not all white people" nonsense regularly whenever we speak or write about or otherwise deal with white supremacy/white racism. I'm just tired...tired of "whitesplaining" to white people about white people.

But I will say this: Obviously, black people know and appreciate those white people who manage to overcome their racist culture and proclivities and have tried, even died, as they tried to help black people. We know about/appreciate the fact that the Underground Railroad was a white-dominated operation. We know about/appreciate John Brown. We know about/appreciate the white Freedom Riders who were injured/killed during the '60s. We know about/appreciate Viola Liozzo (sp?) from Detroit who was murdered by the Klan and the “Sheriff) in Mississippi, circa 1965, as she tried to register black people to vote. We also know about/appreciate all those so-called “white” people, including Dr. King’s Jewish lawyer, who marched, protested and suffered right along with him and my parents and grandparents. So miss me with the “not all white people” bullshit.

But! What white liberals today don't get is that at no time in this country's history have the majority of white people sided with black people on anything. I don’t need to, don’t have to, and refuse to pretend that “all” people are anything. That is a given. It’s the vast majority of so-called white people who refuse to see black people as individuals.

Oh, and as for the Middle Passage being "another time, another era"....puleeze...George Floyd was murdered this year. The woman in Chicago whose house was raided by 12 white cops who stood her up handcuffed and naked while they ransacked her home was last year. Or, you could keep on trying to explain why 74 million white people voted for Trump. (As for the Uncle Toms and Aunt Tomathas who voted for him….there have always been “race traitors” among us, among every so-called “race.”

Do some serious reading (and thinking) before you try to deal with me.

I could go on, but I won't. One more piece of advice: Stop making excuses and rationalizations for white racism. It is not a good "look."

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