All noble sentiments, yes. But we must finally understand that as long as these types of white men are controlling our lives, we will never achieve the kind of society you envision. These men are the descendants of people who never accepted the basic human-ness, the essential humanity of black people and most other “people of color” throughout the planet.

This is the fundamental truth, the underlying reason and bottom line for damn near all of their retrograde and reactionary policies and practices. They fear that if there ever is real “equality” in terms of medial care, education, job opportunities, housing, etc., they will “lose” their dominant position over everybody else — especially over black people.

I’m a “Baby Boomer,” and our time is passing fast now. We did what we could, under the circumstances, to right this ship. I encourage you to do some deep reading and viewing and writing and thinking about the 1960s, please.

Because now it is up to young people like yourself to pick up, to accept the baton and carry it forward.

Thanks for reading/responding.



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