A Break from COVID-19: Ronald Reagan, Jesse Jackson, and Judge Robert Bork

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St. Ronald Reagan, 1987. Image: Unsplash

Author’s Note:

This is an attempt to take a short break from thinking about, talking about, writing about, being about the Covid/Coronavirus plague which has so drastically changed our lives.

Judge Bork

Judge Robert Bork’s failure to win confirmation by the U.S. Senate may be traced directly to Jesse Jackson’s 1984 run for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination. With each passing day, more Senators, particularly from the South, declare their opposition to Bork. Although southern Democratic Senators are hammering home the final nails in Bork’s political coffin, it was Jackson who gathered the wood for its construction. Their votes were considered crucial by the Reagan regime and they were expected to fall in line for Bork. Many come from states where large black voting blocks provided their own slim margins of victory. They have studied the polls and understand clearly that Blacks are virtually uniformly opposed to Bork’s nomination.

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Image: https://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&id=A9008D962F0DBB1ADBA2B30EC415938A1F2136A9&thid=OIP.Rz0Q-

From the Indianapolis Recorder:

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