30-Year Veteran Cop Charged With Raping Little Boys for at least 20 years

Sgt. Edward Giles. (Photo: Courtesy of Union County Prosecutor’s Office)

The Free Thought Project reports that a 30-year veteran police officer has been arrested and charged with raping boys for at least twenty of those years. Sgt. Edward Giles also served as coach and football director of the East Orange Police Athletic League, which, of course, kept him in constant contact with young boys.

Giles has been charged with sexually assaulting “only” two boys, but his fellow officers suspect that there are “untold numbers” of probable victims who have yet to come forward. He is charged with more than a dozen crimes against the two boys. His soon-to-be-former colleagues are beseeching anyone with knowledge of Giles’ crimes to report that information to the police.

Amazingly, it also turns out that Giles was not only a coach of young boys, but also served as a full-time “community resource officer,” meaning he regularly provided “security” for schools.

Prosecutor Lyndsay Routolo described Giles’ modus operandi:

Giles allegedly committed his crimes between 1998 and 2003 when the two boys in question were just 11- and 13- years-old. The alleged sexual assaults occurred at Giles’ home in East Orange, NJ.

Prosecutors have not said whether Giles abused members of his athletic teams or if any of the victims were his foster children.

Yes, you read that correctly. He was a foster parent, too; and actually was being paid by the state of New Jersey to care for vulnerable and at-risk children. Giles had been a foster parent for many years and, in fact, there was a child living with him at the time of this arrest. That child has been placed in protective custody by the state’s Department of Children and Families.

According to NBC New York, citizen reports against Giles may also be made by contacting Crime Stoppers:

Sgt. Ed Giles will appear in bond court on Thursday, October 24, 2019.


Sexual predators (especially pedophiles) often seek out positions of authority so that they can use their position as both a means to abuse and as a shield against discovery.

As this story indicates, obviously pedophilia is not limited to any one profession, but again, positions that wield an inordinate amount of power over vulnerable groups provide safe spaces for these predators to operate. They may be found among teachers, police officers, daycare workers, corrections officers — again, anywhere disproportionate power is wielded by anyone over another or over a group, especially if the power differential is due to differences in age, gender, “race,” physical/mental disabilities, or even mere economic disparity.

The Free Thought Project goes so far as to warn parents against allowing their children to participate in “Explorers” programs run by police departments. Ostensibly, these programs expose kids to actual policing. As FTP sees it, the problem is, though, when issues and problems arise, it is the very same police who investigate themselves. Cover-ups and even further abuse are not uncommon. So sayeth the Free Thought Project:

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